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SP2 Carbon Europe GmbH is a company with its headquarters in Austria, which is specialized in the development of concentrates– so called Masterbatches – for the use of conductive advertising materials.

SP2 Carbon Europe GmbH a service provider in application development, distributer of additives and producer of highly technical concentrates for the Composite industry.

We transfer final properties of thermal and electrical conductivity into Composites in order to replace metal to safe weight.

In electromobility applications, the basic technical requirements of electromagnetic shielding properties must be guaranteed.

For the first time, this can be realized in an industrial and cost-effective way by using SP2 Carbon technology.

Through the use of state-of-the-art graphene technology, SP2 Carbon enables the market a launch of high-performance plastic components in the automotive and aircraft industries, as well as in the areas of thermal management applications.


The weight reduction made possible by this in technical application of a battery housing for electric and hybrid vehicles can be up to 30%. This results in CO2 savings, higher battery life and / or shorter charging times.

This technology is protected by a global patent (USA status "patent pending").

SP2 Carbon_Brand_Variations1.jpeg


Based on this novel patent-pending technology, we produce concentrates containing graphene, graphite as well as specific additives for the thermoset and thermoplastic composite industry.
The substrates are:

Thermoset systems such as epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and 

Thermoplastic resin systems (PE, PP, PA, PC, etc.).

By precisely metering the concentrates, properties such as anti-static dissipation, thermal and electrical conductivity can be precisely adjusted to a technical requirement profile.

This tailor-made configuration is part of our service for customers and development partners, based on our global experience in the resin and fiberglass market.

Development projects are planned by SP2 Carbon and implemented in a professional, global project management and products are brought to market maturity via prototypes.


The technical reality of protecting graphene in a carrier substance and thus bringing it into the existing manufacturing processes of the plastics industry is the key technology in ensuring graphene potential to be fully translated into the Composite part.

Reinforcement materials like surface veils and woven as well as non-woven material can also be converted into conductive products.

Multi-layer graphene is available on the global market at the following conditions - see (graphic).

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